Sunday, June 04, 2006

It is done

Well...it is here.

I think I am done blogging.

Those who got my digits, phone - it'd be great to hear your voices.
Those who got my snail mail addy, write - letters are just awesome.
Those who are far and have just my email, drop me some txt.

so yeah...

Friday, June 02, 2006

a post for ya'll

There are many reasons why a post is in order.
1) It is June second
2) It's been awhile
3) Those of you who read this instead of emailin' or something need an update *wink*

There are more - but seriously - the Oilers need to have another game so I can write another post! (oh hardy har....)

I have been working for week and a half now.
I missed the exhaustion following a work day, there is something really satisfying when you work hard and are tired afterwards, I don't mind that sort of exhaustion, don't mind it at all. I need to learn how to apply that when I am trying to follow Jesus, I need to learn (and expect to) get tired or exhausted in my pursuit of truth because honestly it'll take all your focus and determination.

Proverbs chapter two verses one to five (the following is verses four and five):
....and if you look for it (wisdom) as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.....

When I read that I think of the type of search that would be, it overwhelms me how exhaustive and long it would be. I can imagine the feeling I would feel spiritually would be similar to feeling of satisfaction and exhaustion after working hard at something.

I just watched X3 - now I wish I was a super hero - really really wish I was a super hero.

I'm off to make tea.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


oh gosh....
whyte ave (the blue mile)
is amazing.

So thankful I am in Edmonton when the wonderful Oilers took the western conference finals. It was a delightful end to the game! *sigh* I love my team.

I can't begin to express my joy at being in Edmonton right now.
Oiler's fans everywhere!
Its so nice to be in "oil country".
I felt it the moment I arrived.

It will be very very hard to head back into the "Flaming flying 'C'" land.
i'll be back on whyte ave for the cup series,
for the Oilers when they are back in town.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well friends....game two in of the Western Conference Finals ended with my team pulling out ahead and winning.




I feel the very definition of exhausted. The TESOL course that I have been taking this month finished today. I had to teach a mini lesson infront of half of my class. I find it amazing how more terrifying it is getting infront of people you have come to know. I was fine until I started speaking and then I was overwhelmed with the "nervous shakes". Apparently I came off incredably "cool and collected, clear and easy to understand, confident and relaxed"....... by the grace of God alone.

This last week leading up to this weekend I was feeling the weight of being tired. I thought that because this course was so different from what I had just left at FGBC, and because it was only three weekends, I thought that it would be ok. This last week I was so done. I was tired, and sick of being in a class setting. It made me very thankful that I am not planning on heading into more studies this fall....I need a break.

So it is great being on this side of things now....not having to head into more studies anytime soon. I can take a break, find a job, build a routine and try to wait on the LORD.

I am so horribly tired.....my eyes.....are heavy.......and....I.....go to ...... bed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

All the way Oilers.....

Yup I am definately excited....
I am looking forward to the Western Conference series, it will be some good hockey.

Rolo played AMAZING tonight...*sigh*.

Back to the homework I go.
I am almost done this course (which is strange that it is almost over already) this weekend coming up is our exam weekend...I need to go find some more resources....

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Weekend two of three has now past.
This - being the middle weekend - is more difficult of the three for a handful of reasons. First of all, the feeling of being swamped under the weight of all the information being thrown your way is enough to make ones head swim.

Secondly, its the grammar weekend. For us native speakers of English, unless we have an innate love for the inner workings of grammar, we are usually not aware of what the grammar types are called and how they are being used in a a sentence. Learning how to recognize the grammar we use in everyday life and learning how to be a good communicator of said things to those who have no framework for it - is a bit overwhelming.
All in all it is going good.

This week will find me solidifying my mini lesson that I need to teach to my class, gathering resources, trying to find sleep, finishing the first season of "Lost", and drinking lots of water. I cannot believe that this course is over next weekend. Very strange.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh too blog...

To be honest, I am struggling with this blog.
Struggling with what I want it to be, why I am writing here, who is even reading it. To some degree, now that I am not so near to the ones who read these haphazardly thrown together words, I feel a sense of obligation in turning this into a "this is what's happening in the life of Raeh" sort of blog.
But I always stop short of that, always hesitant to let it become that type of a blog. I do not want it to be a day to day log of my life right now. I realize that sure some posting have been that, but that is not the reason why I started a blog.

So with all that said, I sign into blogger and stare at the blank box where I write my posts. Then I sign out - "another day" I mumble as I close the internet window.